Upgrade Your Firm to the Next Level

The team at Integrita Systems is extremely well-versed in providing strategic insight to our constantly evolving IT environment. The relationship we have with them feels more like a partnership when compared to our previous IT consultants and has proven to be a huge plus for us as our office environment shifted from “everyone in the office” to a hybrid model of “working from home and working in the office.” Throughout this shift we have been well-serviced by them and continued to stay efficient and productive. As any CEO knows, IT is one of the most important foundational parts of running a modern business, and if you are on the fence about choosing them as your IT firm, I strongly urge you to look no further. Going with Integrita Systems is an investment in your business, and they will help you navigate this complex technological environment to help you evolve your firm to the next level.

Eric M. Roberts President and CEO
KNIT | Designing Community
Las Vegas, NV

Resolve Your Technology Issues Quickly with A Partner You Can Trust

Integrita Systems has been with us from the beginning when we only had one campus in Southern Nevada and continues to help us through our explosive grow to over nine campuses throughout Nevada. They are always working for the greater good and are a trusted partner when making technological and financial decisions for the school. Their response time is incredible, and they give us the flexibility to manage certain portions of our IT including cloud services with internal staff that shows capacity. If you want a company who responds quickly, resolves your technology issues, and you don’t need question their invoicing or quotes, then choose Integrita Systems.

Dr. John Hawk Retired, Former Chief Operations Officer
Nevada State High School
Henderson, NV

Assured Efficiency and Productivity

I would recommend Integrita Systems as an IT company to anyone that would like to make their own company more efficient. Any time there are questions or problems they are always available to help us quickly and efficiently without any downtime. That is so important to us because we are able to help our clients to the best of our ability. We also know that the company is up to date with all the systems, and we can be reassured that we are the most productive we can be. The whole team is so informed with all the new technology and can recommend the best system for each individual company. They take the time to evaluate and recommend what is the best and most cost-effective system. We highly recommend Integrita Systems for your IT needs.

Ann Edmonson Manager
Ken Ashworth & Associates
Henderson, NV

Their Quality Is Priceless

There are two reasons we chose Integrita Systems to support our network: (1) We successfully converted an inconsistent, variable IT expense into a single fixed expense. (2) We are now able to predict, plan, and budget for our future IT expenses more than a year in advance.

Before working with Integrita Systems, we never worked with an IT firm that truly understood our needs as a small business. They always talk to us like a business owner, never like a techie. They are quick to support any immediate, short-term issues that come up and they also make time to proactively develop long term, strategic solutions. While value is subjective, quality is priceless. Integrita Systems continually proves they are the quality partner in Las Vegas, and I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone that is looking for a new IT services firm.

Chris V. Summers, CIC, CRM Vice President
Harris Insurance
Las Vegas, NV

Trustworthy, Dependable, and Knowledgeable Staff

Integrita Systems has been our IT partner for close to 20 years and time after time their hardworking team has consistently shown they are well prepared to go above and beyond. They have proven to be that dependable IT firm, that every business needs, ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Their team is professional and you can tell that they continually research and analyze new technologies to make sure they are offering the best solution for your business in this high-tech era.

Sally Mueller Office Manager
Platinum Plastering
Las Vegas, NV

Honest and Trustworthy IT

Our company’s success was built on open and honest relationships with our clients and with Integrita Systems we have found an IT company that believes in the same philosophy. Over our 15-year relationship their commitment and dedication to our IT has given us peace of mind knowing we have a knowledgeable and reliable company by our side. Their pricing is competitive with other companies that offer similar services, but you can’t put a price tag on trust. In the last 15 years we never had a situation that put us out of commission for more than a couple of hours. They know IT so, stop reading, and give them a call so you start sleeping good at night knowing you have someone watching your back when it comes to your technology needs.

Shena Garriss CFO / Controller
Sundance Builders LLC
Las Vegas, NV