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  Did you know:
• That virtualization can greatly simplify IT operations and reduce costs?
• That virtualization on average can reduce the number of your physical servers by 8?
• That virtualization can (and should) play a key role in your Disaster Recovery plans?
• That 95% of the Fortune 1000 companies use virtualization, mostly as production systems?

There are many virtualization vendors, and many products to choose from. Let Integrita Systems' team provide you with the virtualization solution that is right for your business. Mention this ad when you call and receive a free two hour consultation regarding how virtualization can be customized to help your business.

Not sure what virtualization is, or what virtualization entails? Read on!

The Basics of Virtualization
Virtualization technology simplifies IT so that companies can leverage their storage, network, and computing resources to control costs and respond faster. The virtual infrastructure approach to IT management creates virtual services out of the physical IT infrastructure, enabling administrators to allocate these resources quickly to the highest priority applications and the business needs that require them the most. With virtualization, hardware management is completely separated from software management, and hardware equipment can be treated as a single pool of processing, storage, and networking power to be re-allocated on the fly to various software services. In a virtual infrastructure, users see resources as if they were dedicated to them – while administrators gain the ability to efficiently manage and optimize resources to serve the needs of the business.

Benefits of Virtualization for Businesses
Virtualization equips businesses with technology that allows them to cost effectively optimize the use of their existing IT assets and resources as well as protect the systems, data, and applications that run the business. With analysts predicting the adoption of virtualization among small to medium sized businesses to double in the next 24 months – these benefits are making the once cutting-edge technology a main-stream mandate for managing IT effectively.

Through the use of virtualization, businesses are able to:
• Improve the utilization of the servers they own today. Virtualization results in fewer resources to manage, power, store, and buy – enabling businesses to increase utilization rates for x86 servers from 5-15% up to 60-80%.

• Increase IT staff productivity. Virtualization management software is easy to deploy, use, and manage. It frees IT professionals from menial tasks, enabling them to take a more strategic role in the enterprise.

• Increase business responsiveness through improved efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness. Managing a virtual infrastructure allows IT professionals to quickly connect and manage resources to meet ever-changing business needs. Virtualization can result in faster provisioning of new applications in minutes, not weeks, and can accelerate change request response times from hours or days to just minutes.

• Provide business continuity with disaster recovery and automated back up. Virtualization helps businesses protect critical data and applications that keep the business running with zero-downtime for hardware maintenance, eliminating the need for maintenance windows.

• Improve application quality and availability. With virtualization, businesses can test more applications by optimizing pre-production staging environments, resulting in less downtime for the applications that run and drive the business.

There are several different aspects of virtualization, such as Application Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, and Presentation Virtualization.

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