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Personal Unified Communications

A Brilliantly Simple Idea

The workplace is no longer a place

The workplace is anywhere workers happen to be, and wherever their ideas may take them. And ShoreTel is at the heart of this new reality. As a world-leading provider of Unified Communications (UC) solutions, we’re pioneering business without boundaries by making communications and collaboration a natural extension of how people think and act. Thanks to our user-focused technology:

  • Individuals can make stronger, deeper connections
  • Organizations can achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity, and
  • Innovation can now flow far beyond the traditional notions of time and place

Our philosophy and practice of putting people first is reshaping the relationship between workers and their work, and companies with their customers. Resulting in a world where all four generations in the workforce—regardless of their location, communication style, or device —will be able to engage and interact on their terms, on their time.

It's a brilliantly simple idea. We call it Personal UC. And it’s changing everything.

The workplace is significantly different compared to a decade ago. Millennials have invaded the workforce and are demanding a more flexible, agile work environment. Historically, workers were able to accomplish some tasks when out of the office, but they often uttered the phrase “I’ll take care of that when I’m back in the office.” An organization’s ability to eradicate that phrase from the workplace has a direct impact on its ability to compete today. Competitive advantage is no longer about mastering a single core competency. Rather, it’s based on making the best decision possible, while involving he right people, in any location, as fast as possible.
"Mobility Drives the Need for Personal Unified Communications" by Zeus Kerravala, ZD Research, February 2015

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