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Integrita Systems LLC is a Las Vegas-based firm which offers a wide variety of professional services relating to computer systems, networks, and software, including:

  • Computer network installation, service, and maintenance;
  • Systems acquisition and integration;
  • Managing large scale software and IT projects;
  • Specialized software development and implementation;
  • Website, Application, and Virtual machine hosting;
  • Consulting on Internet and intranet utilization and development;
  • Design and installation of communications and messaging systems;
  • Server Virtualization migration and Implementation;
  • Storage Virtualization migration and Implementation;
We excel at integrating our solutions with companies' existing infrastructure to maximize a customer's investment in existing technology. It is our position that we are the customer's advocate in the search for the best solution. We re-evaluate all of the software solutions that we re-sell on a continual basis and identify new products that may benefit our customer's solutions. It is because of this that we can confidently say we are providing you with the best solution that meets your needs.

Integrita Systems is committed to providing an enterprise-ready solution that is capable of handling current demands, while anticipating the demands of tomorrow. To meet these demands, Integrita Systems develops solutions with leading technology vendors that provide increased availability and scalability.

We are also unique as a solutions provider due to the fact that we are equally adept at offering "turnkey", complete solutions for the problems of small businesses, as we are at supporting the Information Systems departments of larger firms with specialized services.

In addition to our abilities to ensure the best software and hardware solutions in the industry, we employ qualified installers of every product we recommend. This gives Integrita Systems the ability to fully service your organization with our professional services and support.

By providing all of these products and services, Integrita Systems can provide a complete solution for your business.

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